You create your reality by the thoughts you think. Do you want to live in a reality of LOVE and ONENESS or of FEAR and SEPARATION? 

When I am having a hard day I try to remind myself that I am creating this experience, and I seek to create a different reality. Pain or bad circumstances don’t need to change for me to view them in a different light. Only my thoughts need to change for me to have a different internal experience. .
“Have you ever had a dream that you were certain was real, only to wake up and realize that everyone and everything in the dream was really you? Well this is how many mystics describe the nature of our reality, as a dream in which we think we are individual personalities existing in the physical universe. But eventually, like in all dreams, we will wake up. Except in this dream we do not wake up to realize we are still in the world, we awake from the world to realize that we are God.”


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