Intention and Testimonials

Testimonials & My Intention

My Intention
It is my intention as a yoga teacher to help you bring more health and vibrancy to your body, ease and alertness to your mind, peace and happiness to your heart through Anusara Yoga. I provide knowledge, passion, a safe environment and some humor. Love Kim
"As a professional dancer and aerialist, Kim's classes have been an invaluable form of cross-training to keep my body happy and healthy. She offers a clear and dynamic focus on alignment that I find myself using in my own teaching as well. In fact, I have recommended her to so many of my aerial students that I worry one day her class will be too full for me!" Liz S

"Kim's classes have changed my approach to yoga, myself, and life more generally.  Her focus on alignment has helped me discover and create better posture in my poses and her cues resonate with me in a way that makes the poses more accessible.  I always feel challenged and encouraged in her classes and leave with good informat…

Our Inner Critic

Are you aware of the inner critic voice within your mind that whispers or yells horrible things to yourself through out the day? 
For example:
“You suck” “your stupid” “nobody likes you” “your fat”

Now I want you to imagine a young child you love or maybe your child is grown but imagine them when they were young. Imagine that sweet sweet beautiful kind magical baby and ask... would you say the things that you are about to say to yourself to that child?

If the answer is no, do NOT say those words to yourself!!!!

The truth is we each have a little child within ourself. 
Speak to yourself, to the child within you with the same thoughtful kindness you would use when speaking to that child you love. .
“Stop trying to ‘fix’ yourself; you’re not broken! You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure.” ~Steve Maraboli

Wherever You Are...

Wherever you find yourself... riding a life high or low 🌊let it be an opportunity. An opportunity to soften the hard exterior we hold to protect ourself. However in this attempt to protect ourself we lessen our ability to love and be loved. And LOVE is Magic. It connects us and heals us. 🌈💗

How can you move through your current situation in a way that will help you love more and receive love more? 

One of my current situations is a sinus infection😤. Instead of just complaining about it (which I admit I do). I am also practicing responding to life with kindness even though I am in pain. (This is not my tendency.) And letting myself feel love that other people have for me and let that give me some comfort even though I am in pain. 

What situation are you facing?

A letter to my body

A love note to my body: 
First of all,
I want to say

For the heart you keep beating,
The lungs you keep breathing. .
For being a playground for my children. .
For carrying my babies through pregnancy,
For bringing my babies earth side 
For my the ability to care and nourish my children. .
For all of the adventures we have experienced. .
For healing me when I have been sick and broken. .
For loving me back
Even when I didn’t know how to love you.

For never giving up on me. .
I promise I will continue to learn how to treat you better. .


This is the sankulpa mudra (hand position). Sankalpa means "wish" and "intention".

This is the practice of joining mind, heart and body to create a resolve that is in alignment with your deepest core. It is the most heartfelt desire within that takes form as one's own dharma, divine life purpose. 

Sankalpa is a calling to the highest remembrance of Self and the solid ground from which you fly. . 
A seed must first root to blossom, just as the human soul must root to fly. Sankalpa is the internal vow we make to support our highest purpose in life and the creative unfolding of our soul journey to serve the greater whole. 

To create a deep, heartfelt intention or sankalpa, sit quietly and reflect:

quiet your mind and ask, what do you most deeply desire?

What is your sankulpa?

Use this intention to inspire your practice, teaching, and the whole of your life!

Mine is to never stop healing and growing into my best Self and helping others overcome their personal obstacles. 


I have a theory on Teflon and Velcro.

I have a theory on Teflon and Velcro. 

Have you ever gotten a negative critique? What about a positive comment? 

Where do you put these two kinds on comments? on mental Teflon, letting it slide off of you, or on mental Velcro, sticking it in place for years to come back and reflect on it? 

For me it’s very obvious. I get told many kind things about my teaching almost daily. I soak these in for a moment and then quickly forget about them. On the other hand I can list of the negative comments I have received about my teaching over the last 14 years. 

One of my current practices when I receive a positive comment is to mentally place it on the Velcro and purposely choose to recall that comment. When I receive a negative comment I question if it is coming from a reliable source, if I need to learn + grow from this comment and if so I work to make those refinements. Then I mentally put it on the Teflon. I watch it slide off. The next time my mind wants to recall it I remind myself it’s on the T…

Detox....Social Media?

This is a mental note to me and you if you find yourself going down the black hole of IG. .
Scrolling, stalking and starting to feel worst about yourself in the process. 

It helps me to remember IG (and other social media platforms) tends to be the highlight reel of someone’s life. Just because their pictures might be perfect their life is NOT perfect. They have struggles too. 

Last year I read a book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In it she talks about asking yourself in regards to ever item that you own “does this bring me joy?” If the answer is not “yes!” Donate it or toss it. 

This is something I am experimenting with following on IG. “Does this account bring me joy?” .


Love is powerful. 
Love is Magic.
Love is healing. 

When I am physically sick I avoid taking medicine. I think I can get better by myself (sometimes I can and sometimes I just need some meds)

Same with when I am mentally or emotionally sick. I avoid taking my medicine aka letting myself be loved and love. Because I think I can and should do it by myself. However what I have found is when I let people love me, feel there love and send Love back. That is the most healing for my mind and my heart. .
My challenge for you today. Feel the love other people have for you and let it heal the places in you that feel broken. .