Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Your greatest strength is LOVE

When you allow your mind to take over and bring up  insecurities like old hurts, dramas, and traumas you are keeping alive your  fear. You might think. I don’t live in a state of fear. But ask yourself how often do you feel stress, anxiety, panic, nervous or worried?
When I see these words I realize how much fear is in my life. Fears like my family getting sick, the car breaking down, the laundry never getting cleaned, taxes filed wrong, conversations misinterpreted, traffic jams making me late or causing an accident, politics, second guessing decisions....
FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.
This means that most (or all) of the things we experience some level of fear over are not real. They are imagined in our head and then projected onto our life as fact. This feeling of living under the pressure of constant stress (fear) is one of our biggest killers. We fry ourself with our sympthetic nervous system on overdrive  (flight/fight/freeze) and thinking everything is an enemy....an emergency.
Fear is our biggest weakness. The antidote to fear is LOVE.
Join me this week to move out of fear, drop into your heart space and feel connected.
Teaching at @inbodyacademy Tuesday and Saturday at 9am. Teaching at @centeredcityyoga Friday at 9am.

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