Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sciatic pain

I haven't blogged in forever. I'm writin today because I had such a freaking wonderful experience teaching today at avenues yoga.

My plan was to do some shoulder loop work and side body work leading to full urdhva danurasana. However I asked the students if they had any specific requests and a gentle man said sciatic nerve stuff because he has been getting sciatic nerve pain. Then other groined and nodded. One women said she just saw a massage therapist because her sciatica was bugging her so bad. Right then I throw out my class plan and my brain was going wild with universal principles, secondary principled of alignment we could do and the different mucles that are probably overly tight or weak that was could be happening, as well as range of movements that I know help lengthen or tones those muscles to create more balance.

I'm in my second semester of massage school and it is so freaking awesome or this stuff to come together in my understanding. John Friend is a serious genius I know there has been negative talk going around about Friend but my hat is off to him. The principles he created are amazing. I share some of the upa stuff with my anatomy and sports massage teacher and they say it is all very sound information.

Anyways continuing on with my class. We focused on the loops or the lower extremity: ankle loop, knee loop, femur loop. Most of te students had there thigh bones going forward, were hyper extending and some had the majority of their weight on the inner/medial edge of foot. So we worked leg loops, spreading the toes, tops of shins forward enough not to hyper extend and tuns of femurs rooting back to the hamstrings. We also did lots of inner spiral. I learned in massage school that  our sciatic nerve is the size f your pinky and it gets pinched when you laterally rotate thigh so medial rotation of thigh is amazing thing to do.

I told a silly story I've made up about the love life of my quadriceps femur bone and hamstrings. You see ms.Hamstrings is married mr.femur However mr.femur has a little afair going with ms.Quadriceps. So he likes to go get with her (moving the head of the femur bones forward) and that is an atrocity. It ruins everything. Everything being your body and that is probaly a little exateration but you get the point. So in yoga we get to really practice rooting the femurs back. It's marriage counseling!!!
Got to go to shook

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