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Testimonials & My Intention

My Intention
It is my intention as a yoga teacher to help you bring more health and vibrancy to your body, ease and alertness to your mind, peace and happiness to your heart through Anusara Yoga. I provide knowledge, passion, a safe environment and some humor. Love Kim

When I first started practicing with Kim, I was immediately drawn to her detailed and anatomical approach to alignment. After 7 years as her student, I have also come to deeply appreciate the larger life themes that she interweaves into her teaching. Kim is an enthusiastic, honest, goofy, compassionate, and authentic teacher and human being. When I moved out of town, I would plan my visits around her teaching schedule. Now that her classes are online, I am happy to practice regularly with her again!
Elisabeth Stich 

“Kim has taught me so much!!! She is incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy and yoga philosophy and is always looking for ways to continue learning! She has a playful energy, yet she’s also organized and you can tell she’s put a lot of thought into her classes and training programs. I appreciate her stories about how she applies the teachings of yoga into her own life. After Kim’s classes, I always leave feeling inspired to lead a more mindful and balanced life!”
-Sally Taylor

Kim and I took a teacher training together in 2009. We were both students there, but about an hour into the course, she also became my teacher. I have been learning from her ever since. I have never known anyone so generous with knowledge, and yet so humble with delivery. I have grown each time I’ve sat with Kim.   —- bless you, angel.

Lindsey Shumway

"As a professional dancer and aerialist, Kim's classes have been an invaluable form of cross-training to keep my body happy and healthy. She offers a clear and dynamic focus on alignment that I find myself using in my own teaching as well. In fact, I have recommended her to so many of my aerial students that I worry one day her class will be too full for me!" Liz S

"I Love Kim! After studying yoga for more than 10 years I found Kim and she changed the way I engage in yoga, my body, and life. She has a gift for distilling information and making it more accessible to everyone. Her classes are transformational in that they start with an alignment principle, explore it thouroughly and work up to a posture that shifts the way you move, think and carry yourself. Now that I've moved away from Utah I miss her classes (and her) dearly and daily!"Kelli S

"Kim's classes have changed my approach to yoga, myself, and life more generally.  Her focus on alignment has helped me discover and create better posture in my poses and her cues resonate with me in a way that makes the poses more accessible.  I always feel challenged and encouraged in her classes and leave with good information about how to hold myself throughout the rest of the week.  Her teaching style is very down-to-earth and authentic and I appreciate the realness with which she approaches each class.  Her classes are also really playful. Kim encourages students to explore and introduces a sense of joy even when the pose is challenging.  For some students, any yoga class will do, but for me, Kim is a cult classic and her classes set the standard for public yoga classes." Stephanie

"I’ve been practicing yoga now for eight years, the last four years with Kim Achelis-Hoggan as my primary yoga teacher.  Kim is a very knowledgeable teacher and I’ve made her yoga class my routine and rarely miss it.  She teaches Anusara yoga and is Anusara certified.  There are only a couple teachers in the whole state that have that certification.  Every class has a theme and a peak pose that we work toward and there is a lot of focus on alignment, refinement and the breath.  I’ve consistently noticed that no matter how I feel when I walk in the door to practice yoga with Kim, by the time the class is complete, I physically and mentally feel better.  When I started going to Kim’s class, my practice was limited, but now I’m physically stronger than I’ve been since I was in my 20’s and can do handstands and more.  Kim’s class has a lot of great people in it too, so there’s a friendly community feel to it.  I wrote Kim a poem a couple years ago and I think that this sums up Kim’s approach to teaching yoga.
The Elephant Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, Deva of Intellect and Wisdom
Connector to people, anything is possible, a woman with true growing vision
Knowledgeable guru of alignment and flow, always prepared with a theme and a goal
Your morning practice has become my routine, they make my body strong and my mind serene
You reinforce your points, by repeating the words, in interesting tones of voice, so your point is heard
Keep that back leg straight, turn those lips up and smile, shoulders on your back, inward and outward spiral
Safely guiding us to places we might not otherwise go, you’ve given me more than you will ever know
Thank you Kim!" Kevin

"I've trained with Kim for four years and just love her to death. Yoga can change your life and Kim can be integral to that transformation. She gives individual attention so you feel safe and challenged, and her positive energy makes the whole session enjoyable." Kathleen

"Kim is an excellent yoga instructor. She is encouraging, very knowledgeable about body alignment, full of positive energy, and makes the class fun. You can tell she puts a lot of effort into her class plan, her sequencing is always challenging and interesting. She is definitely one of my all-time favorite teachers, I highly recommend her." Joy

"Kim offers a sweet and real approach to practicing yoga. Each of Kim's classes is rooted in rich tradition, philosophy, and anatomical understanding. She acts as a guide, allowing each individual an avenue to express postures in a way that is most authentic for them. It is a sweet opportunity every time I get to be a part in the safe, supported, and genuine space Kim creates." Aubri B.

"I truly appreciate the way you integrate meditation, super good alignment, humor in the perfect amount of work/exertion in your classes. You're amazing." Kelli

"Kim is an incredibly attentive teacher.  She brings purpose and joy to every class.  I always appreciate her attention to detail and technique and her enthusiasm for yoga is infectious.  Her knowledge of her craft is impressive, but even more so is her ability to communicate and teach clearly.  I always leave her class feeling refreshed, challenged and encouraged to continue my practice." Misti 

"I always love Kim's messages (theme) in class. They are always profound. And not pretentious in a way that makes me not like yoga. I like Kim's yoga classes." Tessa

"I miss you and your yoga classes so much. I'm still checking out lots of different teachers but just wanted to let you know that you're the best teacher ever!"Kelly H

"I have known Kim Achelis for the last several years, as a student, substitute teacher, and workshop presenter at our yoga studio in Olympia, WA.

Kim’s lives, breaths and exudes yoga. Her adeptness in the practice of asana, her understanding of the depths of its rich tradition, the boldness, creativity, humor, big-heartedness and insights she displays, on and off the yoga mat, are truly remarkable and an inspiration for others.

In the circles of yoga practitioners, Kim is a natural leader. I have personally watched many students at our studio gravitate in her direction enthusiastically, wanting to learn from her and share in her knowledge of yoga and her joy for life.

I also have had the opportunity to observe Kim teaching at the studio, and can say, without reservation, that she would be an asset in most any setting where yoga is taught. She makes things fresh and fun for the students, in a natural and compelling manner, that both inspires and appropriately challenges students. She is clear in her instructions, engaging and connecting with them, and offers balanced, safe, sensible sequences that allow students to experience the extra-ordinary.

Many students at the studio who have taken a class with Kim have come to me and raved about her style of teaching.

In my opinion, Kim’s strengths as a yoga teacher are: 1) the depth of her own personal practice and her knowledge of its tradition, 2) her natural enthusiasm and creativity, 3) her inner drive to continue to evolve as a teacher and person, and 4) the humility and genuineness of her heart. " Nathan Hayes, Director Living Spirit Yoga

Intention and Testimonials

Testimonials & My Intention

My Intention It is my intention as a yoga teacher to help you bring more health and vibrancy to your body, ease and alertness to your mind...