Saturday, October 31, 2015

Anusara Yoga SPOOKtacular Halloween Class

Anusara Yoga SPOOKtacular Halloween Class Plan + Theme + Sequence

Halloween is a time of courage! Where spooky things often jump out at us, our heart quicken and we feel alive! What can be even more scary then a haunted house or a scary movie is unveiling the masks we wear on a daily basis. These daily masks we wear to protect ourself let's us feel safe. Taking off our masks, being vulnerable, authentic and honest takes courage, connects us to our heart and let's us feel alive! Alive and real. It's scary but a quote I love is "magic happens outside of our comfort zone". While everyone else is dressing up for Halloween in todays yoga class let's dress down. Let's push ourself outside our comfort zone, take off our masks and unveil the magic and beauty of our hearts. 

Theme: Magic happens outside our comfort zone 

Anecdote: Halloween 

Heart quality: courage 

Apex: drop backs 

UPA: Open To Grace (opening ourself up to something bigger then our comfort zone.) Muscle Energy (drawing into ourself to find courage and stability) Shoulder Loop (courageously opening out heart) 

Warm up:
Tadasana half moon stretch 
Lunge with side stretch 
Lunge bend and straighten back leg 3x- Anjaneyasana with side stretch 

Upright EPRK prep
Prone pec stretch 
Anjaneyasana twist with quad stretch 
Lunge twist - high runners lunge twist 
Goddess- prasarita padottanasan hands clasp behind back
Malasana- bakasana
Rev warrior - parsvakonasana  
Lunge eagle arms- eagle- standing backbend 

Dolphin hands turned out on wall 
Pincha mayurasana
Quad stretch at wall 
Ustrasana against wall 
Danurasana - side- side 
Setu bandha sarvangasana 

Urdhva danurasana 2x
Drop backs with partner
AMS with partner

Cool down:
Double pigeon 
Upavistha konasana
Supta symmetrical root femurs 


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