Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fun fact: Sartorius

It has been a while since I have posted. I just finished my second term of massage school which kept me very busy, and my computer broke down. I have also been avoiding the web because it hurts my heart to see some of the Anusara stuff unfold. I think everyone in this situation has been responding withy good intentions but it is always hard when things change.

I have been loving massage school. One of the classes I took functional anatomy we covered over 400 muscles: where thee attach, insert, what they do, how do you lengthen them, how do you strength them. We learned about there spinal accessory nerve. It was so wonderful I felt like a child in a candy store but instead I was a yoga teacher in an anatomy class. We also got to palpate all these muscles and were tested on being able to find all of them which was stressful but am so thankful we did because now I feel so confident and finding peoples muscles and trying to figure out what might be going on if someone is in pain.

Here is a fun fact for you about Sartorius:

 It is the longest muscle in the body

 It attaches at the anterior superior iliac spine, which I the top front of your hip bone and then runs down to the pes anserin tendon which is on the medial tibia.

 Pes anserin mean goose foot shape, I believe, and it got that name because three muscles join together and link onto the anteromedial proximal tibia and when they join it looks like a goose foot.

 Sartorius comes from the latin word sartor, meaning tailor and is called tailor’s muscle some times. It was named after a tailor because tailors used to sit in a cross legged which is similar to a pose I loved to teach. I call it standing pigeon or standing figure 4 but it can also be called pre galavasana. To get into this pose that resembles the tailors sitting posture you have to flex your thigh, abduct your thigh, laterally rotate your thigh, flex your knee, and anteriorly tilt your pelvis. These actions are the actions that Sartorius does…. Pretty COOL!

Have a nice day!

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