Friday, January 30, 2015

Self Love

    Upa: 3 aspects of muscular energy 
    Apex: ashtavakrasana 
    Theme: use your practice to deepen your relationship with yourself and cultivate self love 
    Antidote: muscular energy is a contraction, an embrace a self hug 
    Heart quality: self love 

      -warm up-
    Tad- utt- ardha utt- high runners lunge fingers in line with front heel lift back thigh root front thigh- AMS- vinyasa- second foot steps forward through high runners lunge - utt - tad 
    "" low lunge twist
    "" anjaneyasana 
      -Teach 1st aspect of muscle energy: muscle to bone-
      Tad- star 
      W2 feel front leg how it is easier to engage all sides of thigh and engage back leg 
      Star straight legs engage all sides of leg toning muscle to bone feel with hands- prasarita padotonasana (we practice self love self care by never stretching  without actively engaging first)
      Utk knee caps lifting isometrically drag heels back to engage hamstrings 
      Standing hip stretch 
      -teach second aspect of muscle energy: to the midline-
      Supta block btw thighs inner edges of feet touching hug midline
      Twisting core 4x
      Tadasana midline 
      Standing crescent 
      Eagle - w1 - AMS- vinyasa - tad 
      -teach third aspect of muscle energy: from periphery to focal point-
      Tadasana lift up one leg apply other two aspects of muscle energy then inhale draw from foot to focal point at the core of the pelvis then exhale extend from focal point at pelvic floor back out through foot 3x  Tadasana feel deference btw legs then repeat 
      Lunge finger tips in line with front heel focus on back leg pulsate with breath inhale to focal point exhale back to foot 
      Active pigeon 
    High runners lunge forearms on floor- shoulder under 
    - putting it all together -
    Hold outer edge of foot sit up like your having a tea party- eka hasta bhujangasana 2x 
    Lean back on forarms feet off floor cross legs, firm muscles to bone, sqeuze ankles, knees inner thighs together, draw from feet to pelvis then extend legs straight 2x 
    eka hasta bhujangasana-  ashtavakrasana
      -cool down-
      Windshield wiper (just like we take care of ourself by always engage when we stretch we also alway engage when we twist) 
      Self hug 
      Supta Tadasana legs together hands at side firm muscles, draw to midline, pull to active focal point at hips. With this full engagement this embrace of yourself allow your breath to expand 5 breaths 
      -shavasana- release arms at 30 degree angle feet relaxed outer hip distance wide 

      Key ques:
      *yoga is a practice of self care of self love.
      *you are worthy of your love 
      *spread fingers brightly, make your hands feel alive press into knuckles. 
      *when muscles burn it's like the smoke from incense that is an offering to yourself. 
      *Lovingly hug muscles to bone 
    *embrace yourself as you embrace life. 
    *anusara philosophy says, life embodiment is an expression of love 

    Wednesday, January 7, 2015

    Manifest your Goals

    Anusara class plan and sequence 
    Theme: tap into your Shakti (manifesting) power to stir you in the direction of your goals in 2015
    Antidote: thinking about our intentions or goals it's important to look at the actions we are taking and see if they are helping to drive us toward our goals. One of my continuous goals is to drink more water but when I look at my actions they don't help manifest that goal. I have gotten in the bad habit of leaving my water bottle at home. I need to use my power to bring my water bottle to help manifest my goal of drinking my H2O. 
    Much like in yoga we need to look and say I want my yoga practice to help my body feel better. But then i look and see I have gotten in a bad habit of keeping my low back rounded so I need to use the power of alignment (in this case inner spiral) to help create a curve and more space in the low back and hips. 
    Upa: inner spiral (special emphasis on inner spiral of back leg) inner spiral has three actions it turns the thighs:
    1. In
    2. Back 
    3. Wide. 
    When these actions are taken in the back leg they act like a rudder on boat and help the inner body on the direction the thigh is turning. For example lunge with the right foot forward. You would perform more innerspiral on the back left leg (because front legs natural have more inner spiral). You would engage the leg and turn it in, back, wide and that will twist the inner body towards the right. In this way we are using the power of the back leg to stir us in the direction we want to go. 

    -warm up-
    Tadasana teach inner spiral: in back wide 
    Uttanasana "" 
    Table leg shalabasana inner spiral in back wide 
    AMS with leg lift 
    Cobra lift leg one at a time and inner spiral 
    L.L quad- Urdhva prasarita eka padasana 
    W2 focus on the back and wide of inner spiral on back leg 
    Parsvak - rev w
    Standing hip stretch - w3 prep - L 
    Upright AMV at wall- w3 at wall 
    L AMV wall 
    L- Tree- w3- s.s- handstand 
    Camel block btw thighs 
    Bridge block 
    Eka pada bridge 
    -cool down-
    Janusirsasana upright manual Inner spiral of back leg 
    Janusirasana fold "" 
    Baddha konasana 
    Supta padangustasana femur root hands behind thigh- twist 
    Symmetrical Pose: supta Baddha konasana 

    Intention and Testimonials

    Testimonials & My Intention

    My Intention It is my intention as a yoga teacher to help you bring more health and vibrancy to your body, ease and alertness to your mind...