Friday, April 28, 2017


  • Theme sadhana the discipline following your goal spiritual practice. 5 components of sadhana: Presence. Courage.  Commitment. Devotion. Regularity 
  • Ancedote: shiva story. Feeling doubtful unsure defeated questioning. He comes to a cliff, does he withdrawal? Or look forward and speculate? no he takes a step forward and a lotus flower rises and blossoms to meet him. Bks iyngar says like an oil seed needs to be crushed to release the oil. Like wood needs to be soaked to release the fire. We need sadhana to ignite our spirit 
  • Heart quality: perseverance 
  • Apex Ashtavakrasana 
  • Upa muscle energy midline 

  • Warm up
  • Chataranga bolster 
  • Sun A 3x watch chatarangas 
  • Urdhva a hastasana side stretch 2x 
  • Clasp - utt
  • Basic 
  • W2
  • Mod. Parsvak 
  • Parsvak 
  • Hrl twist- scandasana- half moon - standing pigeon - by btkeagle- L
  • Dolphin 
  • L.l quad twist- anjaneyasana forearms 
  • W2 clasp bow - hrl shoulder under 
  • Crow (chat. Arms) 
  • Double pigeon 
  • Compass 
  • Dandasana bow and arrow pick up 2 blocks
  • Apex
  • Ashtavakrasana 
  • Cool down 
  • Fish Twist 
  • Bridge 
  • Supta eagle leg twist 

Turn it all into sweet nectar

Theme: Returning again and again this to our practice. Turning into all our experiences. To all the flavors and situations of life and taking them all back into our center and extracting the transformational essience that they offer. 
Theme rasa 
Ancedote: bees. Bees go out into the world and bring their experiences (pollen) back to the beehive to transform those experiences into sweet nectar 
Alignment focus: inner spiral and outer spiral 
Quote: Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that a spring was breaking
out in my heart.
I said: Along which secret aqueduct,
Oh water, are you coming to me,
water of a new life
that I have never drunk?

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.
And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that a fiery sun was giving
light inside my heart.
It was fiery because I felt
warmth as from a hearth,
and sun because it gave light
and brought tears to my eyes.

Last night as I slept,
I dreamt—marvelous error!—
that it was God I had
here inside my heart.
Heart quality. Love  
Upa: muscle energy to the midline 
Apex vashistasana 

Warm up 
Sun a 3x 
Tree- quad- Standing pigeon 
Supta modified a - b - c 
Supta pada A - b - c STRAP
Side plank - side plank 
Side plank- Active pigeon- twist quad stretch 
W2- Mod. Parsvak- rev w
W2- Parsvak- rev w 
L T arm twist- rev- hrl twist- quad stretch 
Half hanuman 4 ways 
Scandasana- half moon- tree 
Scandasana- half moon- standing pigeon - utthita pada b prep 
Utthita pada b 
Side plank tree 
Vashistasana - Wildthing 
Cool down 
Wide leg forward fold - side- Parsvak strap 
Supta pada A B C 
Baddha konasana 


Theme: align with nature. Celebrate life 
Anecdote Beltane is a celebration of the potency of the earth and the forces of nature. It's the cross quarter holiday between spring equinox and summer solstice and marks the beginning of the most active part of the year. All of life is bursting with fertility, sap is rising, birdsong fills the air and growth is everywhere. It is a time to express your self, but also to remember to stay grounded. 

Ask yourself what you wish to give energy to? Where will you put your focus? What can you change for the better? What actions can you make that will help the spread of goodwill and love in the world? All to soon this highly fertile time will be spent, so make the most of its raw energy for initiating plans and visions. Everything you do now will bring you closer to your goals, as the expansive energy of the moment carries you along. 
The intentions we give energy and passion to during this time will be coming into fullness in 7 months. What do you want to give your energy too? My Beltane intention for growth is more self LOVE and to move away from fear and towards trust. Trust in the resilience and abundance of life. 
Heart quality: passion 
Upa: Turning in (inner spiral) and rooting down (Outer spiral)
Apex: eka Prada bridge. Or eka pada urdhva 

Warm up 
Tad side stretch 
Is/os blocks sun A 3x 
Cobra block 3x - frog quad 
Table shalabasana glute workout - mod 1/2 moon 
Mod. Mod. W2- mod. Mod. Parsvak 
W2 - mod. Parsvak- rev - half moon 
W2- L - twist T arms - rev L - l.l quad twist 
Anjaneyasana clasp hands open heart  
Anjaneyasana quad 
Camel block is os 
Ardha hanhmanasana - standing splits- handstand hops 
Virasana- supta virasana 
Prone pec stretch 
Spinx quad 
Bridge block 
Urdhva danurasana 
Eka pada urdhva danurasana or bridge 
Cool down 
Supta root femur 
Down dog 
Utt- ardha utt 3x root femurs 
Upright Fish twist 
Baddha konasana 4x block 

Intention and Testimonials

Testimonials & My Intention

My Intention It is my intention as a yoga teacher to help you bring more health and vibrancy to your body, ease and alertness to your mind...