Friday, April 28, 2017


  • Theme sadhana the discipline following your goal spiritual practice. 5 components of sadhana: Presence. Courage.  Commitment. Devotion. Regularity 
  • Ancedote: shiva story. Feeling doubtful unsure defeated questioning. He comes to a cliff, does he withdrawal? Or look forward and speculate? no he takes a step forward and a lotus flower rises and blossoms to meet him. Bks iyngar says like an oil seed needs to be crushed to release the oil. Like wood needs to be soaked to release the fire. We need sadhana to ignite our spirit 
  • Heart quality: perseverance 
  • Apex Ashtavakrasana 
  • Upa muscle energy midline 

  • Warm up
  • Chataranga bolster 
  • Sun A 3x watch chatarangas 
  • Urdhva a hastasana side stretch 2x 
  • Clasp - utt
  • Basic 
  • W2
  • Mod. Parsvak 
  • Parsvak 
  • Hrl twist- scandasana- half moon - standing pigeon - by btkeagle- L
  • Dolphin 
  • L.l quad twist- anjaneyasana forearms 
  • W2 clasp bow - hrl shoulder under 
  • Crow (chat. Arms) 
  • Double pigeon 
  • Compass 
  • Dandasana bow and arrow pick up 2 blocks
  • Apex
  • Ashtavakrasana 
  • Cool down 
  • Fish Twist 
  • Bridge 
  • Supta eagle leg twist 

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