Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Long Term Class Planning: Shoulder Focus

One of the many reasons I am in awe with my teachers Adam Ballenger is his foresight to plan long term class plans. He can summerise what he plans on teaching the next few years alignment wise. It's amazing. I use to teach something different every class. Always trying to switch it up so students wouldn't get bored. However the past few years I have really seen the benefit of teaching the same thing for longer snouts of time. We practiced all lower body alignment for months. And then I started getting lots if shoulder requests. So this is how I planned it out. I actually sat down with a journal and wrote this out.

We have been going over the complements of shoulder alignment:
First principle: side bodies long, melt heart and inner body bright
Muscle energy: arm bones, scapula, collar bone draw back.
Organic energy: extending from the focal point out in all directions.
Shoulder loop
Kidney loop
Skull loop
We looked at these aspects for 2 weeks in all forward facing poses like tadasana, dancer, other backbends, lunges, splits, hip openers.
Then for about 2 weeks we looked at applying these alignment components in side open poses. Like side plank variations, parsvakonasana, trikonasana, ardha chandrasana.
Now we are in the middle of practicing these same principles in twists. Like twist utkatasana, twist lunges, quad stretches wrh twists, arm balance with twists....

Everyonce and a while I feel like I am being repetitive and my students are getting bored. But then a student will say something like "oh my gosh. It makes sense now" or "wow I can feel my side bodies lengthening I think I was doing it wrong for the past 5 years" or "my shoulder was hurting but after practicing this shoulder stuff it doesn't hurt any more".

After this week we will continue to look at twists but focus on the lower body. Spring cleaning. Twists with shoulder focus. Next week twists with leg focus

Tuesdays class
Poe: shoulders
Thread needle
Mod. Parsvak
Twisted high runners lunge
Twist lunge
Twist anjaneyasana
Twist l.L quad
Twist both ways pigeon
Twist quad pigeon
Pincha manurasana
Hero- twisted heros
Supta parsva bakasana
Utk twist
Parsva bakasana
Janusirsasana twist
Pachimotinasana twist strap

After coming off maternity leave and switching studios I am just so intensely grateful for my teachers, my students, my fellow yogis, my ever changing practice... I love what I do and I am so greatful that I get to do it and support my growing family. I grateful for YOU reading this blog

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