Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Camping for a cause workshop

On Septmeber 12, 2009 I taught two wonderful workshops at the Utah Girl Scout Lodge up big cottonwood canyon. It was so beautiful, we practiced on a hudge wooded deck that over looked a big blue calm lake. How divine.
Fearless Flow Workshop Dscription: This was a dynamic class with a flowing sequence of postures moved by the breath with multiple variations so you can play your personal edge. We focused on letting go of stress and tension so we became fearless, on and off the mat, while we created heat in the body. Some you experience was recommeneded.

The fearless flow workshop was a hit! We did a very dynamic practice that brought us face to dace with our physically fears within the confines of our asana practice. Can we transition netween balacnincing poses? Do we have the strength to hold our warrior poses longer? Do we have the courage to listen to our body and soften out when we are pushing into pain? Can we accept whereever we are in a pose with an open and compassionate heart? We also addressed our fear off the mat. Discussing how we can use the work that we do on the mat in a way that can help us confront and over come our fear in our every day life. This workshop was so great I felt like the students took a lot away from the practice. There are many scary and unpleasent things that come up in life, and yoga is a tool for us to have when it is time to confront that which scares us.
Receive Receive Receive Workshop Description: this gentle flow allowed the students to receive the amazing gifts of yoga without the strenuous activity. Emphasizes where made on slowing down, relaxation, and meditation which provieded an oppurtunity to connect to our body by following the sesations and quality of the breath. We learned modified postures, breatihng techniques and I guiede the group into a deep relaxation. Students of all levels were welcomed to enjoy this workshop.

The second workshop was so peacefull, we eneded with a long guided meditation. Thinking back to it I can still feel the summer breeze and the smell of the fresh outdoors.

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