Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do your habits serve your higher self?

When we live our life every day, it's easy to fall into habits. Habits are actions that are repeated so frequently that they begin to happen almost unconsciously. It is important to pause every once in a while and examine these habits that have developed over time.

Notice if these unconscious actions are serving you.
  • Are they helping you show up for the world in a better way?
  • Are they helping show up in your relationships in a more positive way?
  • Are they making you a happier, healthy, more energized and dependable person?

If they are then that is fabulous. But if you find a habit that is no longer helping you be the best person you can be, can you let this habit go. Habits are hard to break, like I said they almost happen unconsciously. You just sit down and turn on the TV, you get home and have a bear, you grab the third piece of pizza, you judge critically....

Yoga is a great way to help break these baits. In asana practice we can cultivate strength, courage, and determination. We can practice doing things on our mat that are uncomfortable, but still choose to do them because we know in the long run we will be a better person because of it. Can we decide on and off the mat to let go of old habits that are stopping us from showing up in the world, and in our relationships, in a more active positive way?

One way to do this is by asking yourself "is this action I am about to take going to serve my higher self?"

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  1. wow i cant believe this was one of my first blog post. I was so trying to handel this eating disorder thing all by myself thinking it was just a habbit I could let go. However it was not something I could do by myself. I am the only one who can do the work to let go of habbits that dont serve me but I needed to first acknowledge and share the truth of this habbit to others and there love and support has helped so much


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