Thursday, February 4, 2010

Whata does yoga teach you?

1. alignment and breath = clear mind: In yoga we learn to focus our awareness on our alignment, and breath to help steady our mind. We learn to listen to our body, making little adjustments so our asanas (yoga postures) embodies and shines out our love. We learn different breathing techniques to help fine tune our awareness, keeping our mind in the present wonderful moment. We allow the breath to guide us so we may flow with our inner energy. By training the mind to both focus on the breath and the physical alignment brings about a very clear, calm , blissful mind, and allows for a resolution. Practicing in this way learning to follow the different sensations of the body and the breath cultivates an attitude of compassionate self acceptance!

"When we get out of alignment with Spirit and we try to make or expect life to be something different than it really is, suffering happens. We all experience pain and suffering, but it is not the quintessential nature of life. Just because the earth turns away from the sun and night occurs doesn't mean that the sun isn't always shining. It might be hard to see sometimes, but goodness and divine beauty can always be found if you adjust your vision just right." --John Friend

2.Attuning to Prana: there is an intelligent life force in all of us called prana. Prana is life force energy which guides the functioning of both body and mind. Through persistent practice you will become aware of the presence and flow of your prana. Sensing your prana can be used in two ways. You can dance with your prana flowing from one pose to another. You can hold a pose for a longer time as you focus on the sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise. Or you can do a combination of both. This teaches you to listen inwardly so you may be guided and prompted from within. This ability to one pointedly focus on the body, mind, and energy will begin to spread through all aspects of your life. This is a very exciting part of your yoga practice. It gives you a deep peace and inner knowing that you are more than this body and mind. You feel more centered and more clear.

3.Genuine happiness and deep peace: As you continue to deepen your practice, the ability of the mind to witness the movement and quality of the life force energy (prana) grows stronger. You will learn to surrender to this energy and allow it to guide you. The essential mystical truth is realized, spirit dwells within us! We learn that to be present and aware of our breath, body, and mind in the present moment is a fabulous thing that cultivates a genuine happiness and deep peace. You can tape into this state of peace while sitting in stillness, performing yoga asanas, or in your daily activities. This deep peace allow you to celebrate life more fully with a sense of playfulness.

"You will become familiar with the creative God Force inside you, the energy at your core. The world will look more beautiful because you're seeing it as it is, without the distorting influence of your conditioning. You will feel different, happy for no apparent reason. It will seem as though you have undergone an important change, a rebirth, as though you've become a new person, and yet you will feel more yourself than ever before." --Erich Schffmann, Moving into Stillness

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