Monday, March 15, 2010

The variety of weather is so divine.

Lately in SLC, UT we have been experiencing a variety of weather rain, sun, wind, sun, snow, slush. sun... And this variety of weather has reminded me of the tantric philosophy that underlies Anusara yoga, (my last blog entry talked more about the tantric non-dual philosophy). This non-dual philosophy believes that there is one divine auspicious essence and through creative expression this one energy creates the vast variety we see in the world. Like shinning a light on a crystal which shines out many different lights of many different colors, however they are all an expression of the one original light. We can see this variety everywhere in the world for example the way people look, flowers look, and the variety in weather just to name a few. This gives us an opportunity to choose how we will perceive the variety. Will we choose to resist it, judge it and label it “good” or “bad”? Or will we choose to see that variety as a beautiful expression of the divine that this one lovely energy brings about the diversity we experience in life.

Focusing on diversity and variety with in a yoga asana class is fabulous. Because with in a class there are a variety of elements, the poses scheuences is unpredictable, there are poses that require a variety of strength, flexibility, and balance, our ability differs from pose to pose, and our mental qualities change throughout class. This variety that presents itself in an asana class gives us an opportunity to choose how we will respond. Will we get frustrated, and judge ourselves, get frustrated, label the pose “good” or “bad”, label ourselves “good” or “bad”, or label our emotions “good” or “bad”.

Instead can we smile, can we choose to create a compassionate space where our experience exists and in this space our ability can change yet we still enjoy this variety because we know it is an expression of the divine. We can even do more than just enjoy this creative expression of the divine, we can marvel in it, we can allow it to intrigue us and interest us. So not only can we enjoy the variety but we by allowing our self to be fascinated with the oneness of life and the creative expression through diversity, this fascination connects us to the present moment.

This was my class theme the other day and the universal alignment principles (UAP) we focused on were muscular energy and organic energy.

Muscular energy: we choose to embrace the oneness, to accept the diversity we see and experience in the world as the divine’s artistic expression. We hug this blissful essence into or focal point ( or midline) hugging the muscles to the bones, and we fill our self with this supreme essence. In muscular energy we allow grace to flow into us.

Organic energy: from hugging in our muscles and drawing in this blissful energy of the universe, through muscular energy we find the active resistance we need to expand back out. So from this drawing in we then shine back out from the focal point, we add our own beauty back out into the world. In organic energy we then shine grace back out.

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