Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sit bones and tail bone can move independent of each other!!

In Utthita Trikonasana (triangle pose) and in Utthita Parsvakonasana (side angle pose) I sometimes feel a pinch in my side waist to which I am leaning. Even when I keep my side body long, lengthening the space between the top of my hip (iliac crest) and my low ribs, I still experience a discomfit and a feeling of collapse.

The other day I was taking a class from certified Anusara yoga instructor Wayne Belles at Kula Yoga Studio in SLC, UT. During class Wayne offered a pearl of wisdom for poses like Utthita Trikonasana and Utthita Parsvakonasana that I want to share with you. He pointed out that after you create internal rotation of the thighs, not only do you scoop your tailbone but you also scoop your front sit bone. Scooping the front sit bone helps the external rotation of the femur bone and pulls the outside of the front knee away from midline allowing you to go a little deeper in the pose.

I never knew you could move your sits bones independent of your tail bone. I thought it was one whole unit. But you can! When I did this…First scooping my tail bone and then scooping my front sit bone it helped me find externally rotation in my front femur bone while providing more space I need in my side body allowing the discomfort I sometimes experience to vanished…POOF!

**Step by step guide to Utthita Parsvakonasana applying the five universal principles of alignment, with the inclusion of moving sit bones and tailbones separately:

1.Starting in adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog). Step your Right foot between your hands right knee over the right ankle and ground you left heel so the back outer edge of the foot is parallel to the back of your mat. (If your hips are tighter, turn your left foot into a 45 degree angle, this will give you more freedom in the hips, having the foot parallel will give you more power in your pose).

2.Take your right forearm to the top of your right thigh and your left hand to your left hip.

3.First principle: pause, soften and open to grace, open to your potential in this pose and in this moment.

4.Second principle: Muscular Energy, isometrically draw the feet toward each other hugging the muscles to the bone and drawing into midline, feel a slight lift in the hips.

5.Third principle: internally Spiral the hips back and apart sticking out the booty and broadening the sit bones apart allowing pelvic floor and lower back to expand.

6.Fourth principle: the outward spiral moves this expanded energy back into the center of the body. Here is where the tail bone and sits bones come in:
a.Scoop the tail bone, while keeping the back thigh bone drawn back.
b.Scoop the right sit bone and feel the right thigh bone externally rotating taking the outside of the right knee more toward the right.
c.Bend your knee deeper. And experience the new space in the side body.

7.Fifth principle: Organic Energy. From the alignment and drawing the energy into the focal point in the pelvis, extend energy back out. Energy extends from the pelvis down the legs into the earth. Then the energy travels from the pelvis up the torso and out the arms, like a shooting star! Stretch the left arm over the head while keeping integrating of the shoulders. Full stretch. Experience yourself as pure radiance.

Even though scooping the front sit bones seems minor, to me it opened up my pose tremendously! Thanks Wayne.

Happy day to you. Now go move your booty, tailbone and sit bones independently of each other!

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