Thursday, May 13, 2010

Took Clyties Advanced Practice

Yesterday I took Clyties Advanced Practice in Farmington at Bodyworx. It was a small group and it was marvelous. We laughed and sweated and did wonderful back bends. We talked about demons and about how not letting those demons talk us out of doing poses. It was great talking and laughing about our little demons when it comes to asana, and then doing the poses that scare us. Because if we can get into our heart and do things our demons were telling us we can’t do on our yoga matt. Then when we get off the matt and into the world we have that connection to our heart, we have been there before and we can overcome our demons in our life.

padangustha danurasana: I requested this pose after saying I can never get my hand to grab my second foot. But the first time I tried my foot was there for my hand to curl around, elbows up, shoulders plugged. It was so great to get into something you have been working towards for a while especially in such a wonderful environment, with encouraging friends. Robin even whipped out her phone and took two pictures of my first attempt. I did it again and was able to plug my shoulders more and kick more. Once you’re in the pose you don’t want to get out, you are just held there so nicely it is kind of relaxing.

urdhva dhanurasana drop backs: I haven’t done drop back in a while and was a little nervous to do my first one. They were fun!
urdhva dhanurasana to ustrasana to urdhva dhanurasana:We wanted to work on coming back up with more control so we worked urdhva dhanurasana to ustrasana, which really helped me come up more gracefully and really work on letting my head (heavy dreads and all) come up very very very last.
sirsasana (headstand) drop backs: I recently learned how to do one legged drop backs and have been working at getting them as controlled and quite, which has been going very well. In the practice we did one leg drop back and went back and forth. I was debating trying my first double leg drop back which is much harder and I was not planning on trying, until Clytie beautifully demoed and then reminded we that we are almost to shavasana...So I did it, two times! And they were pretty controlled and quite.
padmasana: we ended with some padmasana, which always makes me smile that I have learned how to safely practice this pose with my knee history.

Thanks Clytie, Robin, and Joanne...Fun Wednesday night!

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