Monday, July 30, 2012

Saturday Yoga 9-10:30 BY DONATION

I took over a class from my main teacher Anusara Certified Adam Ballenger. One of the awesome kind thing Adam offers is that the price is by donation. Its very laid back you just drop some cash in a box before leaving class and then he pays for the space that he rents at a small community art building called Sugar Space. I continued doing that when I took over the class. Which I love because it makes you more accessible for more people. I have some people leave 5$ and some people leave 20$. When I started teaching the attendance fell off a little. I totally understand because I came to that class every Saturday to take a class from Adam. Anyways I made a flyer to hang around at local coffee shops and other local stores hoping to inspire some new students to come and check the class. Here is what it said

Saturday Yoga!! 9:00-10:30 BY DONATION Weekly all level public yoga class that builds both strength and flexibility. Kim’s yoga classes include a heart based theme, alignment, knowledge of kinesiology, modifications for healing injuries, and smiles.

Kimberly Achelis Hoggan has been teaching yoga for over six years and is currently working toward being an Anusara-Inspired teacher. Often the physical body has to get to a place of less pain so the mind can become more still and the heart more open. In her yoga classes you move your body into therapeutic yet often challenging poses to get the body to experience “awe” instead of “ouch”

Where: Sugar Space 616east Wilmington Avenue (2200south)

For more information visit

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