Tuesday, August 7, 2012


When I am stable in my truth I can be vulnerable which is a really expansive feeling to me, and it takes guts and courage. Part of being vulnerability is telling the truth. Which can be scary, we need to be brave enough to reveal our true self, without doing all those things we do to try to look good, to conceal our imperfections, to make ourselves seem like we have it all together. I have noticed when I read other writers/bloggers who are vulnerable in their share, I find myself incredibly drawn to them,my heart connects to the authenticity and honesty of others.

Class plan idea:

Theme: letting go of our perfectionist (thighs out) and finding courage, integrity and stability inside ourself (shins in).

Heart Quality: Purnatva = perfect fullness, which is separate from perfectionist rather it is the idea of being complete.

Antidote: I have struggled with perfectionism. Not to say that I was perfect but I did hold my self to such high standards. Perfectionism is thinking when all these things happen and my ducks are in a row my life will be perfect and I will feel complete. And when I am complete I wont have to face feelings like shame, guilt, vulnerability . This is a false belief. However I found that when I established stability in myself (shins in) then i could broaden (thighs out) and release some of those thoughts that were not serving me.

I think I got my addiction to wanting to be perfect when I was a kid. I equated being perfect with being loved… and I think I still confuse the two. I often find myself doing what Brene Brown calls “the hustle for worthiness.” That dance we do so that people don’t see how incredibly flawed and human we are. But I am learning life is messy and I cant and don't do it perfectly. But I show up and try my best (which looks different on different days). I see it in my yoga practice too. When I first started practicing yoga I thought I could perfect these poses but now I know there will always be refinements and I wont do it perfectly. I just honestly try my best and try to accept it and acknowledge that I am perfectly complete and worthy. Mess and all.

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