Monday, December 7, 2015

Self Care with Endurance

Theme: endurance in self care. 
Anecdote: the holiday season. It is a time of giving and sometimes when we give, give, give and don't take time to fill our own cup and take care of ourself we end up sick, tired and depleted. Last week we talked about cultivating endurance in giving. Being able to give consistently and we linked this to the universal principle of alignment of organic energy. Today we are going to remember the importance of self care before we give. Not that we give ourself a little self care and attention but that we can give ourself this comfort with endurance! Because like anything consistency is key! 
UPA: muscle energy (with endurance) 
Apex: hanumanasana 
Muscular energy is a terrific alignment focus when working toward hanumanasana, full splits, because the muscular engagements gives comforts to our proprioceptors so we can go deeper into the pose while keeping our body safe. I like to think of proprioceptors as little alarms spread throughout the muscles and when these alarms monitor a stretch the alarms go off which seize the muscle up to prevent injury. However if you engage your muscle consistently for 30 seconds (minimum )those proprioceptors are reassured that the muscle is not in danger and the muscle can move deeper into a stretch. So we can't just engage are muscles for a moment and then stretch that's not enough, we have to have endurance in our self care and hold that embrace of ourself so we can give and stretch without getting injured, sick or overwhelmed. So get ready to give your self some comfort and some hugs with your muscles, you deserve it!

Warm up 
Uttanasana engage muscles- ardha utt 3x
Utt- hrl twist 
Utt- standing hip stretch- standing quad - L
AMS 3 hops forward to utt 

Utt blanket roll under balls of feet- parsvottonasa - Malasana blanket roll under heals
 paschimotonasana blanket roll under 
sit bones 
Hero with blanket roll btw calves and hamstrings moving from knees to heels in small increments 
Cow face 
Pigeon quad 
Dolphin leg lift 

AMS- Parsvak hop switch Parsvak 
AMS- trikonasana hop switch trikonasana 
Utt- hrl- parsvot 3x - s.s- hop 3x 

Tad- knee to chest- w3 - 3x- hanumanasana - AMS hop forward
Utt- standing splits- hanumanasana - AMS hop forward 
W1- twist 

Cool down 
AMS 1 minute hold 
Double pigeon 
Wide leg forward fold 
Supta root femur 

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