Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Ease Please

Theme: stay connected to you heart with ease as you move through the busyness of life and your practice. 
Anecdotes: as I get ready for the birth of my second child, Violet, I feel myself rushing to check off my to do list before she gets here. I can feel the effect that rushing has on my body, mind and heart moving me from ease to dis- ease. With this awareness I have been challenging myself: can I move through my to do list calmly while enjoying the end of my pregnancy and the one on one time I have with my son. I love that I can practice this on my mat as well. Moving through my yoga poses while staying connected to ease. Ultimately that's what I want from my practice, to train myself to hold ease in my body, mind and heart during the ups and downs of life and to notice quickly when I am moving toward dis-ease, so I can make adjustments to come back to ease. 
In today practice we are going to move quickly and through challenging poses but we are going to work at cultivating ease throughout the flow ! 
In the busyness of life can you stay connected to your heart?  
Heart quality: ease 
Principles of emphasis: open to grace, muscle energy, organic energy 

Warm up 
Utt- w2- hrl twist- w2
Utt- Lunge 
AMS- plank 3x 
Pigeon with side stretch 

AMS- half moon- w2- rev W
AMS- half moon - w2- rev w- mod. parsvak   
Malasana - crow 

Utk- twist utk- lunge twist- lunge- AMS- Same leg L- twist L - twist utk- utk (repeate second side) 
Uttanasa with clasp behind back 
AMS- half moon- w2- rev w- Parsvak 
Prone quad stretch 

Sirsasana - Hero clear head and neck 
Pigeon quad twist 

Cool down 
Thread needle- root femur bones asymmetrically 
Symmetrical pose 


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