Friday, December 2, 2016

Is this true? Is this appropriate? Class notes from fridays Anusara yoga c

Friday at Centered city yoga. This class can be streamed from forte You can access this class for FREE and all the classes on FORTË for a limited time! Just go to, click "Join Our Tribe - Sign Up Now" and enter the invitation code: CCYOnline.
Theme: Right action creates harmony versus negative karma, peace instead of increasing conflict and the rememberence of grace in midst of chaos... inner listening.
right action is what is called doing one’s Dharma.
Questions to ask when getting still and listening for guidance? "Is this true? Is this appropriate".
What we are doing on the mat is so much more the stretching and strengthening muscles. We are bringing more harmoney into the world by bringing more appropriate action that is alignment with our truth. This is loving your dharma. Better your own dharma—your personal duty—even if unsuccessful, than the dharma of another done perfectly.”
Anecdote: thanksgiving dinner. I paused and listened inwardly many times. Is this true? Is this appropriate? And many times it was true and not appropriate and sometimes it wasn't even true. I am learning to hold my tongue, honor my true the and I can see the peace it brings to my life and the world.
Heart quality: inner listening, peace, harmoney
Apex: camel with quad
Universal principle of alignment: thigh loop (an aspect of inner spiral in BACK. wide) and pelvic loop (a part of outer spiral)

Warm up
Supta thigh loop vs. pelvic loop
Table ""
Table - shalabasana
Down dog
High runners lunge (hrl)
Hrl twist
Kneeling push-ups
Mod w2, mod mod parsvak (on knee like captain Morgan)
W2- rev w
Parsvak- rev warrior
Trikonasana - half moon - standing hip stretch
L.l quad - Lunge- W3
W3- standing splits - handstand hop
Ustrasana: 1 leg in ardha bekhasana
Cool down
Crunches with block btw legs
Symmetrical root
Happy baby

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