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Satya: Yoga Class Plan for InBody Academy Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr GE

Theme (What insight or teaching do you want to weave through the class that is life affirming and can be taken off of the mat? That connects with the heart quality/ apex?)

Sat= truth ya= to be, to activate

       Dishonesty=lying, gossiping, expectations? stories, manipulation, cheating, making assumptions

       “To be established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient…“the state of fearlessness comes. One need not be afraid of anybody and can always lead an open life.” Sri Swami Satchidananda’s

       “Whenever we are not telling the truth, we deepen our separation from this inner self. In this gap, shadow grows. The larger we make the gap through living falsehoods, the more the shadow takes over our life, and this shadow shows up psychologically (negative, hostile or destructive thoughts, hypocrisy and pretension), emotionally (non-positive states such as fear, depression, anger, etc.), and physically (pain, illness, and even accidents).” Brad Waites,

       Is telling the truth always the best?

       remember to think about satya in context with the other yamas: Though each stands alone individually, there is indeed a hierarchy of sorts. If telling the truth has the possibility of causing harm to anyone, it’s no longer truth, as it is unable to uphold ahimsa – non-violence. there is a dynamic interplay between them… In a sense, they incorporate a system of checks and balances.

       Can we be honest with our self? In a lot of ways, it’s simpler to live truthfully by others; but being honest with ourselves is often trickier, and less pleasant. Satya asks us to look at the shadow with our self even when it’s not easy. One of the goals of yoga is freedom from the “sufferings” in our lives – and to be free from them, we first be aware of them. Satya means being truthful and real about our shortcomings, our messes, and the places where we can grow and transform. Yoga is about transformation. Some people might think yoga is leading to some ecstatic blissful state, more likely, union is about waking up into your mess and connecting to the divinity within that! Looking honestly at parts of ourselves without self-judgment, it’s easier to address the internal issues (the “mess”) that we may have ignored in the past.

Anecdote (How will you personalize the teaching with connection to your own experience and make it relevant to your students? )

       Personal story I tell myself:

       I am always tired. I never get to rest.

       I am not smart.


       Making assumptions (3rd agreement)

       Lying -> calling myself out

Alignment focus (What alignment element will you tie in through all of the poses? That plays a key role in the peak pose? That connects to the theme/ and heart quality?)

       Foundation of hands:

       Creases of the wrist are parallel to the front of the yoga mat, with the fingers spread, second and third finger should line up with the center of the wrist, center of the elbow and up to the center of the shoulder. Root down through the four corners of the hand and create an arch under the heel of the hand.

       Foundation of feet:

       Feet hip distance apart, second and third toe line up with ankle, knee, hip. Root down through four corners of feat and top pads lift inner/ outer arch of foot.

       Muscle Energy

       Using the muscles to draw into our self creating stability

       Shoulder Loop

       Side bodies long

       Inner body bright

       Arm bones back

       Tips of shoulder blades lift heard up

       Kidney Loop

       Draws the lower ribs in, lengthens the side bodies and expands into the back of the kidneys

       Organic Energy

       From a place of stability reaching out through the limbs

Heart Quality (What do you want the students to feel?)


       How  theme relates to heart quality truthfulness

       Foundation of hands and feet

       Are the hands and feet places in good alignment? Is that true?

       Muscle Energy

       Drawing in. How to I tell the truth to myself?

       Shoulder Loop

       Getting clarity in my heart, what is my truth? (anahata chakra)

       Kidney Loop

       Connect to my personal power (manipura chakra) as I speak and act from my truth honestly

       Organic Energy

       Extending out. How do I live and speak truthfully with others?

Apex (What pose are you building too?)

Pincha Mayurasana Modification Dolphin

       Intelligent therapeutic sequencing building to apex

       Open and integrated shoulders with shoulder loop

       Opened back of the legs (hamstring and calves)

       Connected core with kidney loop and bridges cross

       Cooled down with opening the chest/ lengthening the core, rooting femurs, twist and asymmetrical pose

       What's more important? Doing final expression of the pose or performing the actions in a modified version of the pose?

Sequence (How will you intelligently guide students through the postures?)

Mediation/ Chanting

       Inhale- how am I honest with myself? Exhale- how am I honest with others

Warm up 

       Sun A 3x


       Table (shoulder loop and kidney loop)

       Lunge (isometrically press hands forward then engage core)

       Virabhadrasana 2

       Forearm Plank – Dolphin (shoulder loop + kidney loop)

       Supta twisting core (shoulder loop + kidney loop)

       Prone Pec Stretch Prep


       Prone Pec Stretch- Sphinx with Quad Stretch- Setu Bandha Sarvangasana 3x

       High Runners Lunge Twist (with hand down)

       Modified Parsvakonasana

       Chataranga 3x - Drunken Bhujangasana

       Bridget’s Cross

       Block behind shoulder blades reach arms up and over grab sticky mat


       Pincha Mayurasana (Modification Dolphin) 

Cool down 


       Setu Bandha Sarvangasana 3x  (maybe Urdhva Dhanurasana)

       Supta asymmetrical root femur - twist

       Symmetrical root femur

Shavasana/ meditation

Youtube video of me explaining how I plan a yoga class a summary:

Youtube video of my home practice of this sequence with narration


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