Friday, December 8, 2017


I have been thinking of shraddha. It’s a Sanskrit word often translated as “faith,” I take it to also mean “self-esteem,” “personal conviction,” or “determination.” It’s #sharddha 
that pushes us to do things where we might “fail” at but we do them. We get up. And we do it again better! With this personal drive we fail & fall forward!
While failing can seem daunting because of the conditions we’ve placed on ourselves and the self-imposed meanings we’ve assigned to failure, it doesn’t need to be that way. By embracing failure with self esteem it can be a way to grow. 
This sets you up to win no matter what, you pave the way for your growth.
It’s a win win because if you are successful it’s a win and if you are unsuccessful you can evaluate the results and learn what need refining. Either way we are Progressing!
That is the goal, if your growing your winning. It’s shraddha that pushes us forward. 
If you are consciously making an effort to achieve greater clarity (itaresham), your conviction (shraddha) will be followed by the strength and persistence (virya) to remember your direction (smrti) of growth. 
It’s your inner strength, the guiding force inside that urges you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. This helps you connect to your own true Self or the place of quiet light within.
Shraddha will wane and fluctuate. We all have days when we feel more confident and self-assured, and days when we doubt ourselves. The potential to cultivate shraddha is within you, though you might not be aware of that potential, or use it to your advantage. The right support (a good teacher, coach, friend, partner, or mentor) can help you cultivate and strengthen shraddha.
🙏 I love wiping out some ancient Yoga texts opening them and reigniting my light. This gem is from #theyogasutras 

How do you connect to your shraddha?

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