Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April, turn in with inner spiral

April Alignment Focus: Inner Sprial, the third principle of alignment. This is to be done after Opening to Grace and setting the foundation (1st principle) and engaging the muscles with muscle energy (2nd principle).
Inner Spiral is an expanding energy that runs from the feet through the pelvis into the waistline area to rotate the legs inward, move the thighs backward and widen the pelvis. Inner Spiral in the arms draws the head of the arm bones into the shoulder sockets and widens the scapula's on the back. 
Inner spiral can be summed up in three words:
  1. In
  2. Back
  3. Wide
As we move into April a time of rain and nourishment for the blossoms to come we can be reminded to draw IN to our self, move deep BACK into ourself, see what areas of our self need tending to so we can grow more optimally (think pulling weeds and fertilizing the soil of your soul) through these inward practices we WIDEN and expand our possibilities. 

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