Wednesday, September 1, 2010

tuesday was hard but great

Yesterday I had such a great day. The night before (Monday) I was feeling so overwhelmed after along day of school I am taking 15 credits. I had made a list of 21 things I needed to do on Tuesday, which is my day off. One of them involved figuring out what to do about the Anusara grand gathering that I had so been looking forward to attending but multiple conflicts kept coming up including an intern opportunity. When I woke up on Tuesday and looked at my list I felt my shoulders get heavy. But I practiced first principle lifted my side body as in there was a happy sun shining with in my heart and soften my shoulders and skin. As JF was saying this weekend, first principle is “take it easy”. The day was fabulous. One of the best days I have had in a while. I got so much accomplished while staying very happy and optimistic. Got a refund from the grand gather a sad experience but I know there will be more gathering and I also recognize that this isn’t the appropriate time for me to go. After canceling I felt even lighter and brighter, I no longer needed to juggle 100 things school, papers, volunteer work, internship opportunities, interviews, yoga subs, credit card debt. It felt like the right thing to do. I was so productive. I finished my list of 21 but I think it turned into 27 things then was able to take Matt Newman’s wonderful level 2 class at Flow. It was great he talked about pulsation (spanda) and fullness (purna). During the class I was so happy and proud of the actions I took that day. I could feel the spanda of bliss (ananda) and I felt full. Full of goodness, of honesty, of truth, satisfied with myself (which is something I am always working on)…It was great after that I was able to take my dog, dharma, on a walk with my friend. She has been going through some stuff lately. Like a lotus going through the muck in order to blossom and it was really great to be with her and offer support, compassion, and when she asked guidance.

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