Monday, September 20, 2010

long time since last post

Wow. It has been a long time since I last posted. I am inspired by Leslie Salmon. She makes a point to write a blog every day, just to have the habit so she doesn’t fall out of it. I think that is a wonderful day. When I had more free time it was allot easier to write more blogs. I was teaching more classes, attending more classes, personal practicing more. Now my brain feels so full. None the less. I usually write my blogs on word take a few days, spell check, re read, add, re read.... Now I am entering it live on new posts. How exciting. I thought I would make it a point to write at least one blog a week. This one will be short and sweet.

My Thursday class theme:
I have recently been volunteering at Camp Kostopulos, a program that works with people with disabilities. I love doing this. Last Saturday I went to camp K and we played kick ball and BBQ and I met a wonderful women D. D was so excited she kept tell me that she will be going to the fair on Tuesday. This is an outing put on by camp k. "I am going to the fair on Tuesday; I am going to the fair on Tuesday". This excited encouraged me to sign up to volunteer at the fair. Once there on Tuesday evening I was working a lot with D. We were at the fair how fun. However D was going to be coming to the fair on Wednesday with her family and so all evening at the fair she kept saying "I am going to the fair tomorrow! I am going to the fair tomorrow!” She was at the fair and instead of being fully in the moment she was planning her next visit to where she already was, right then.

This reminded me of what I do all the time. I get so caught up in my mind planning about the future that I miss the very moment that I was preplanning for. This reminded me of one of my all time favorite books BE HERE NOW. Everything that we are planning will always happen in the present moment. However life has untrained us to enjoy the present moment and has instead taught us to plan for the future and over analyze the past. When we are planning and over analyzing we are doing that in the present moment and we are missing the awesome invitation for the now.

The class was on being present. To the breath, the sensations of the body, the thoughts... Being present to when the mind starts planning. Just being present. On our mat is a wonderful place for us to become yoga ninjas, at being in the moment.

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