Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thai Massage

One of the classes I am taking in massage school is called Survey of Body Work. This three hour class meets once a week and each week a therapist comes in to discuss a modality that they specialize in. I really love this class because we are being introduced to phenomenal people who are so passionate about a particular modality that they are in. I absolutely love experiencing someone’s enthusiasm for any form of healing. Last week a good friend of mine Janet Peacock came and in talked about Thai Yoga Massage. One thing she mentioned that really resonated with me is that this form of massage brings about four specific Divine states of mind including:

1. loving kindness
2. compassion
3. equanimity
4. vicarious joy

I think this is so great. That as a therapist you cultivate a state of loving kindness to everyone, you cultivate a state of compassion, you see everyone as equal, and you are happy when others are happy.... How great is that. I feel like when we open our self up whether it be as a massage therapist, a yoga student/teacher, or a student of life we are invited to experience these four dive states of mind.


  1. Very interesting I'd like to try it but do not know if in Italy there is someone who practices

  2. I am sure there is! Look it up sometimes it is called thai yoga massage or just thai massage. It is very popular and I am sure someone offers it in Italy :)

  3. @Marco
    Sure there is! The art is practically everywhere around the world. A lot of schools teach these massage techniques, as well. Try looking it up on search engines - maybe a spa with a Yoga Massage service happens to be near your home!

    Von Andalora


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