Monday, April 18, 2011

meditate 2x 20mins a day

Meditate 2x a day for 20 mins (min). Dont use any techniques. Just allow yourself to sit and be still. My meditation teacher told me this 4 months ago and I was very hesitant. Dont use any techniques I love pranayama, and mantra... I have decided through to surrender any resistance so I did this. It is hard to just sit and not use a technique because using a technique gives you some control and it is scary giving up control but when you do it is really amazing. My meditation teacher also reminded me that the first 3 levels of meditation are active mind really active, active, less active hehe i love this. Almost always when I sit to meditate my mind is active but I still just sit still and try not to engage the active mind more. Then I have started to experience really wonderful states of being when I allow myself to give up my control. I feel so much energy within myself sometimes i feel like joy is being poured upon me as if my body was a cup and there is so much joy it is overflowing the cup. Sometimes I feel so much love expesically on my chest and face. Sometimes I feel like I an submerged fully in an ocean of peace and surrender.

I have been going through some ruff times as I work with my treatment team to help me recovery from disordered eating. But I truly believe that because I have been taking the time to just be still and feel the divine energy in me, I really think it is shifting my attitude and I think that has made so much difference on my success in recovery. The more I sit and I feel that joy, love, surrender, acceptance however I feel the divine in that meditation session when get up from mediation and go about my life I still keep some of this yumminess knowing that I am full of this energy. No matter how the pulsation of life is going there is still intrinsic goodness with in my being

off to see the dietitian

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