Saturday, September 10, 2011

Avenues Yoga

Spent most of my day being a part of the lovely Anusara Yoga community.

First I taught the free intro yoga community yoga class. The turn out was small only two students, I really enjoy teaching smaller classes I can refine the practice specifically to what the students need/want and in my experience when the class is smaller the students will ask more questions then if it was a bigger class. We focused on having a commitment to look for the good in all situations and in our self. Lots of muscular energy work especially in hands, arms and shoulders. After class I walked with one of the students, R, down the street toward the street fair and she shared with me some of her personal challenges and how yoga and shadow work has helped. I love hearing peoples stories about past pain and how they are learning and growing from that opportunity.

After wandering down and being in awe at all the beauty in the booths and the peoples faces walking around the street fair I found the Avenues Yoga booth and worked there for a few hours. It was really great we got to spread the word about this wonderful yoga studio by handing out free yoga passes. I also got a chance to chat more with the other yoga teachers and we even busted out some partner yoga in the middle of the street fair. Thank you Erin, Paul, Shannon, Sarah for playing with me :-) Before leaving the booth Shannon gave me a phenomenal Thai body massage, it was wonderful to receive and wonderful to watch, she moved with such fluidity and easy.

Now I am going to walk my dogie, review some yoga notes, and then head to a teacher training with Adam.

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