Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skull Loop

I am looking at my yoga photo shoot pictures (**thank you alyography | photography). It is always awesome when you get a chance to look at your own asana practice via pictures or videos so you can see the beauty and to see where the alignment could be shifted to unveil more beauty. Looking through the pictures I see I need to work on skull loop. Skull loop is the 7th of seven of the loops used in Anusara Yoga which starts at the pallet of the mouth travels up the back of the skull, down the front of the face and back to the pallet of the mouth (which is also where the top of shoulder loop connects). In my pictures I see my head moving up my face, chip up and down the back of my head. This is the opposite of skull loop, which also effects my shoulder loop. Looking at the picture below I need to work at taking my ears and teeth back and lengthen the sides of my neck.

The practice of yoga and life....there are always refinements to unveil even more beauty.

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  1. लोमानि लोमभ्य ओषधिवनस्पतयो
    हृदयं निरभिद्यत हृदयान्मनो मनसश्चन्द्रमाः
    नाभिर्निरभिद्यत नाभ्या अपानोऽपानान्मृत्युः
    शिश्नं निरभिद्यत शिश्नाद्रेतो रेतस आपः ॥
    the divine in me bows to the divine in you. But let's up the ante a bit. Is yoga Therapy
    more than the power of positive breathing? Can it, say, cure cancer? Fend off heart attacks? Rejuvenate post-menopausal women? Just as important for yoga's application by mainstream doctors


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