Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Connect to Illuminated Heart + Twist Out Negativity

This past week I spent a lot of time thinking about and writing an easy for The Yoga Center for a chance to win a 100% scholarship for BJ’s upcoming Immersion 2. The easy question was write (in 500-750 words) the potential for yoga to unveil the illuminated heart. Illuminated means: to brighten with light, to make lucid or clear, to decorate with lights (as in celebration), and to enlighten (as with knowledge). My main focus on the essay was that we all already have an illuminated heart however we doubt our self and this makes us forget, yoga is the invitation to awaken to the heart and start removing the varies cloaks.

Tonight I am teaching at The Yoga Center 5:45-7.In We will focus on muscle energy drawing into this place of luminosity that is always present and we will also work with twisting our the self negativity, doubt, and fear.  
Succasana greet yourself here as a radiant blissful being, notice any negativity your have toward yourself, doubting, fear of failing, and allow your breath to get that unstuck.

Wall work plug into heart
Shoulder stretch hands on wall frwd fold
One hand on wall humorous parallel to floor plug in and twist fill in back body
Interlace hands side stretch switch fingers repeat 4x

Sun A
Mod Parvakonasana -> rev w
Parsvak -> rev w
W2-> rev w -> rev trik

Wall work
L at wall -> frwd fold against wall
L at wall -> frwd fold against wall
Wallonasana (hanumanasana up wall)
matsendrasana twist

DD twist
L.L twist one hand on ground
L twist
Parvritta ½ moon
Rev trik
Pigeon elbow down twist reach, reach back for foot
Bow pose roll to one side, roll to other side, middle
Wide leg forward fold
Root thigh bones 
Shavasana hands on belly

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