Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Namaste is said in greeting and in parting in India and Nepal. It is also said frequently in the yoga community often at the end of a yoga asana classes. I often translate Namaste to mean "the divine light in me bow to and honors the same divine light in you". 

As a yoga student and a yoga teacher I have been saying this sacred word to students and teachers for many years. But recently it has been feeling more meaningful ripe with appreciation. When I say namaste and bow my head to my teacher I think "I am so grateful grateful grateful to you and everything I have learned from you." I pause in full thanks for the teacher and for the tradition of yoga that has been passed down though the years. When I bow my head to my students I go through each student and silently say the students name, cultivate gratitude for them, and send them a personalized prayer wishing them well.

Here is a fun story I came upon doing research on Namaste:
Einstein would read the newsreels fascinated and intrigued by Gandhi, who often had his hands folded in front of his heart (anjali mudra). Einstein wrote Gandhi to ask what he was saying and Gandhi responded, Namaste. Einstein again wrote inquiring what that word meant. Gandhi responded, "I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the place in you of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom. I honor the place in you where, when you are in that place, and I am in that place, there is only one of us". How wonderful that these two great minds were drawn together by this word!

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