Monday, December 31, 2012

Optimal Blueprint

I know what my experience has been through practicing the system of Anusara Yoga, I love to hear others express their experience. I was teaching a private this morning to a regular private client. We have been practicing every week for five weeks. She is a beautiful creative yogi with a lot of flexibility and has been having pain in her joints from years of double jointedness. Today while in trikonasana pose she says "It's cool. The poses don't hurt me anymore like they use to!" she said"I have to work and exert effort but its not pain. I'm realizing that before when I did yoga I was always in pain." We continued to talk about this and she said that "When I use alignment and I get into the right place it feels REALLY good." I shared that when a pose is held with good alignment, when the muscles and bones are placed in a particular way all the energies of the body flow btter. On a grosser level the blood, lymph, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and breath circulate through the body better. On a subtler level the prana, chakras, nadis, vayus all function and flow more optimally.

Oh this melted my heart. Its so nice have confirmed that this style of yoga that is so universal creates similar experiences to other people across the world offering the same gifts that I have learned through this practice of yoga.

Looking forward to another year 2013 of expanding my mind and melthing my heart through this sytem of yoga and learning from wonderful teachers that educate me, inspire me and make me laugh. Happy New Year

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