Sunday, December 30, 2012


One place I see pulsation (spanda) of change is within inter-personal relationships. It is wonderful to watch them grow and expand when they are cared for and how they wither and contract through neglect.

I love gardening and I see the same sweetness and beauty with in the pulsation of the flowers. Its not all sunshine and unicorns for planted flowers. They have to withstand storms, drought, and neglect (at least in my garden). However when some attention, care, and nourishment is given to them they grow unfolding their petals and smelling of joy! I think the flowers might blossom with even more beautiful ferocity as a result of the hardship they had to endure.

This can also be compared to the body. Through over use, abuse, neglect, and misalignment the body can get in a lot of pain, dis-ease, discomfort and even loss of function. But with time, attention, alignment awareness and some work that hurt (fill in the ______) shoulder, back, knee... Can be filled with health, vitality, and function-ability.

I have bee seeing this within my family. When I was younger I didn't realize that things change. I thought the dynamic in interpersonal relationships were permanent. Now I can see that relationships are always changing and depending on the time, attention and care give them they will grow and blossom like the most beautiful flower or they won't. Just like the plants that grow stronger as a result of stress put upon it I believe that interpersonal relationships blossom with more beautiful ferocity as a result of the hardship it had to endure.

Wishing you all happy holidays spend with loved ones.

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