Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My husband and I went to The Aviary today for some bird watching. Watching these winged creatures present in nature also brought me into the moment, feathers ruffling, beaks peaking, eyelids blinking, bird heads turning, breeze blowing. I saw this in others no matter the age kids, adults, seniors, people would get captivated and pause from the busy-ness of life to watch an owl rotate his head, a peacock cross a bridge, ducks fly from one pound to another...

When I came home I rolled out my mat and practiced some bird poses: crow, side crow, pigeon, firefly (not a bird but a winged animal), and bird of paradise.

Bird of paradise = Svarga Dvidasana. Svarga= heaven, Dvid= twice lived, Asana=posture
I heard Noah Maze explain the mythology of these Sanskrit words. He stated that there are three things that are "twice lived"
1) Birds: they are born in an egg, and then the egg hatches and they are born again.
2) Teeth: we have baby teeth, then they fall out and we have permanent teeth.

and lastly 3) yogis. Even in our asana practice the last pose that we do, corpse pose (shavasana). We die at the end of our practice roll over to be born again. We have the opportunity to be born again every moment, every day, every practice.

Being born again is like being able to awaken to the sweetness of heaven while living in the chaos of life. I can have the shittiest day and be stuck in my head about life is not going the way I want it to, but by the end of class after coming out of shavasana I get a new perspective. Sometimes its not even a conscious shift I just come out of the class more content even though no life situations shifted.

I think this is so cool. We get to re awaken all the time. When I fall into selfishness, unhealthy habits, injury, sickness, fights.. whatever the situation is, I have the opportunity to change the way I am acting in order to get different results. I can make mylife a trajectory! I want my life to evolve for the better! I was in a workshop with Desiree  and she was said she feels 6o is the new 30 years old. I want to feel like that, and I think it will come if I continue to wake up many times to an attitude how can I make today a better day then yesterday.

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