Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Prenatal Practice

I have been loving my enthusiasm for practicing yoga currently. Being pregnant it is definitely a pulsation of wanting to practice and having the energy to practice. So when I have the energy and motivation to practice I am one happy pregnant lady. Here is the sequence I did this morning. If you have any questions, or comments please email or leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

morning intention: i will not judge myself today. i will walk in gratitude today. I will see the world today the way I want my baby to see the world. I will see the goodness, the generosity and the support that this beautiful life has to offer me.

Baddha konasana with side stretches
Table ankle circles
Table calf stretches
Virasana wrist circles and stretches
Dd-plank 3x
High runners lunge- parsvot hands on inside
Low lunge hands in floor- half splits foot inside
Trikonasana - half moon
Utthita pada b
Janusarisasana (strap)
Baddha konasana with block. Put block between soles of feet push bock together with feet to engage muscles of legs and extend knees out to side from inner groins out through inner knees. I start with the narrowest side of the block, then medium side, then widest side between feet. For this practice I held each stage for 2 minutes and then I did a normal baddha konasana. This baddha konasana sequence always surprises me how much it opens my pelvis and lowers my knees to the floor.
Shavasana on side with bolsters

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