Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Teaching an Anusara- Inspired class tomorrow at Metric Yoga 9-10:15. As requested we will break down kicking up to handstand. This will help you face your fear and learn to kick up or refine and make more graceful your kick up. We will continue to focus on upper body alignment so as we PLAY with this pose (and others) it will still be a restorative experience for the body.

Props: 2 blocks, 2 bolsters, strap
Principles of emphasis: 1st, 2nd, 5th,, shoulder loop
Heart Quality: Courage

·         L stand hands on [wall] 3x
·         [strap] Urdhva hastasana –lower hands a little behind back (work on getting elbows straight)
·         L stand handstand [wall]
·         ½ surya namaskar 3x (watch elbows get the joints straight)
·         Down dog. Hands outer shoulder distance apart index fingers facing forward. Melt heat.
·         Table shalabasana straight joints. Front hand into handstand position wrist flexed. Index finger points straight up. Don't bend bottom arm. Press index knuckle down and take weight off outer corner of wrist so weight is even in 4 corners.
·         Dd straight arms and legs. Step foot a foot in and do little kick ups don't bend elbows or top leg 3x don't kick from the  heel kick from hips. Kicking up to handstand requires straight elbows and straight legs. Often people bend the top leg when they kick. If you do this you'll lose your power.
·         Uttanasana- Lunge
·         Uttanasana- Lunge
·         Uttanasana- low lunge quad stretch
·         Uttanasana- anjaneyasana- ardha hanumanasana [2 blocks]
·         Hanumanasana [block]
·         Tadasana - urdhva hadasana look at elbows are the vertical? If you’re in handstand and your elbows aren’t vertical you'll dump in heels of wrists.
·         Cartwheels (Lift arms, plant hands, kick cartwheel)
·         Kick into handstand 5x [at wall] (lift arms, plant hands, kick handstand) I normally am against kicking up like this because you cant focus on arm alignment as well, but sometimes students need this moment to learn to kick up. Are your elbows bending? Bending in arms is loss of will power and often leads to fear.
·         If still can't get up use [2 bolsters] up the wall get a running start and through yourself up the wall with straight arms and top leg.
·         Pec stretch at wall
·         Pigeon
·         Bridge/ urdhva danurasana
·         [Strap] ground femur bone- gallopers twist
·         Shavasana

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