Thursday, February 6, 2014

Counseling for your body parts

In my Tuesday and Thursday classes we talked about healthy relationships. Healthy relationships require attention and effort. Any relationship whether it be your marriage, with your dog, your car or your body. Let's use the example of your car if you just use your attention you will just be aware that there is a problem. Let's say your oil light is on or your car is making a awful noise. This awareness tells you there is a problem but if you just have awareness your just annoyed or frustrated. However if you just put in effort like rotating the tires but it's your oil that needs to be changed, that's not going to make the oil light go off. You need a combination of the two awareness to notice what's working really great and what needs some work and then you need to apply intelligent action to address the problem you found with you awareness.

On Tuesday morning we focused on the lower body alignment especially ankle, shin and thigh loop. This was some serious counseling to help the lower body parts to get along and cooperate better. It's amazing when you get these body parts to flow harmoniously together how damn good it feels.

On Thursday we had a counseling session for our upper body, mainly side bodies long (1st principle) arm bones back (2nd principle) and expanding spiral of arms (3rd principle).

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