Saturday, January 25, 2014


Sugar space
Principles of emphasis: muscle energy, inner spiral, outer spiral
Apex: eka pada galavasana
Theme: connecting to our center Is one of the gifts we get from the practice. The longer we go with out practicing the more we might experience a feeling of muck, heaviness, and just unhealthy. When we get on out mat after a break there is more work that needs to be done. But after we practice we feel so fresh, clear, healthy and connected to our center+core. It's like the inversion. When we go a long time without rain or snow all the pollution builds up and gets trapped it the valley. We quite literally live in a haze and it feels unhealthy and dirty. However when it does rain or snow we get those few days of crisp freshness. What would be nice is if people and companies made changes so less pollution is being produced so their is less that builds up between storms. Just like in our body the more we maintain some alignment in our life with our higher intentions physically (maybe you don't want to be in pain so you maintain better posture) mentally (Maybe not gossiping or talking bad about yourself...) spiritually (maybe taking a few minutes at the beggining and end of your day to sit quietly and notice your breath....) if we can maintain little actions to keep us connected then when we get back to the mat we will have less to clean up, we can connect to our center more quickly and we can keep that connection longer.

Heart quality: disicpline. To connect to our center.
Antidote: the inversion

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