Wednesday, January 22, 2014

resting in citi

I am reading The Splendor of Recognition an exploration of the Prayabhinja-hrdayam. The past few weeks I have been contemplating citi, which is the power to know and perceive. Citi is often translated as Consciousness. This profound text is all about Supreme Consciousness/Reality and consciousness is really just awareness.  This book purposes that "f you want to understand Supreme Consciousness "you must first understand yourself. You yourself are your doorway to Reality. It is through your consciousness that you can know Supreme Consiousness."

One way of turning into your awareness= consciousness is asking questions for example: who is thinking right now? who is reading? you answer the mind. Who is experiencing the mind? This answer takes you citi.  When I answer this question I feel like my awareness draws deep into my skull to a dark spacious place where I rest in that presence that is beyond my name and the identification I have with my name.

This practice is a way of experiencing an identity beyond the mind. This deeper sense of "I" is never changing. It is citi. The more I practice this the more I get to know my inner nature. I have really enjoyed taking little breaks through out the day these past few weeks to rest in this citi space. Baba Muktananda said this is the best spiritual practice, turning your attention inward... To become aware of yourself.

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