Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Happiness

With a new born baby it is hard to find the time to write more thorough blog posts. Here are my notes from this mornings class.

Location: Sugar space
Principles of emphasis: 1st side bodies long + inner body bright  2nd muscle energy to the Midline. Shoulder loop + Skull loop
Apex poses: back bends
Heart quality: JOY
Theme; why practice yoga? I practice yoga to experience more happiness. I have learned through yoga that when I hold my body in certain postures I experience more joyful energy or sadder energy. We chant this in out Anusara invocation when we sing chit ananda. Chit = knowledge Ananda = happiness. Through self knowledge of body mechanics we can cultivate more happiness.

-1/2 sun 3x
-skull loop exercises 1st take to peace fingers to chin. Apply pressure to chin and slide throat straight back while pressing tounge to top of mouth hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 10x 2nd. Repeat action sliding throat back while pressing first two fingers into chin. Then tip chin up and keep pressing with fingers looking up toward sky hold 5 seconds repeat 10x
-tricep stretch - half moon skull loop repeat
-sun a 3x (cobra for a few breaths)
- table shalabasana - dancer
-low lunge quad
-High runner lunge twist - Warrior 2
-Parsvakonasana mod.
- parsvakonasana - Ardha chandrasana - eagle
-pigeon quad
- pec stretch at wall
-L handstand at wall
-cow face
-Pigeon mermaid
-Heart opener over chair (mr.ingyer does this for 10 mins a day. He says it fools his body into thinking he is young. He also does head stand for 45 mins a day. He is 93) first plug arm bones in and reach fingers to mat then bend elbows and grab the side rails of chair work biceps and squeeze arm bones back curl back more. Then start to move one vertebrae at a time over edge of chair moving head toward floor. Optional urdhva danurasana
-twist on chair
-root thigh bones symmetrically

We've never experienced this moment before and the next moment will not be the same as the be you are in now ~pema chodron

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