Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back bending sequence

Saturday anusara-inspired sequene. This class was a lot of fun. We talked about devotion and being a powerful server of love.
here are some pics of me doing this sequence at home
be that which nourishes and sustaines ea
Root femurs
Supta pada A
Root femurs
Bend knees lift feet crunching twist, working top of abdomen, exhale lift and twist – bicycle
Bridge- hold shin bones lift up heart
Supta pigeon hamstring stretch grab bottom leg over head
Supta pigeon bridge
Supta pada A
Rock n roll up- navasana
½ moon stretch
½ moon stretch one leg
Utt- vinyasa
Lunge- with ½ moon side stretch both ways- Anjali twist open arms to T rev lunge twist hand on upper back forearm behind head- fingers to floor high runners lunge twist- l.l twist quad on outer edge of front foot, kick foot into hand backbend, then move foot to butt for deeper quad stretch
Shalabasana clasp hands- parsva shalabasana rock over onto one side lift top leg poption grab back foot with hands and kick- back through center switch clasp hand other finger on top rock over to other side- center- cobra lift up hip look toward
belly power in belly then lower hips and open chest
Mod. Parsvak
Bow w2 finger on floor inside- trik
Bound [strap] parsvak- bound trik- parsvak
Anjaniasana reach hands to side turn palms up grab mat for power
Handstand wall
Pincha up wall
Pincha front knee bent
Hanumanasana fold frwd or to midline to inner spiral hanuman calls on our devotion to love
Bridge hands under hips extend legs out straight feet flat on floor, neck lifted
Urdhva Danurasana heels up
Urdhva or bridge leg lift
urdhva 2 walk or bridge legs out together straight
Root femur bones
Twist both knees bent- gallopers twist
Succasana twist

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