Friday, May 30, 2014

How do you show up?

Thursday Anusara Yoga Class
This class was fun. We worked on engaging the muscles piraticularly the adductor (inner thighs) so inner spiral would widen the back of the pelvis helping us square off in first warrior pose and the outer spiral to create freedom in hip flexor sand extension of spine

Theme: Show up
Antidote: part of the story of Virabhadra
Apex: Virabhadrasana 1/ first warrior pose
Principles of emphasis: using lower body alignment (inner and outer spiral) to adjust the pelvis and support + extend the spine better (open to grace)
Heart quality: steadfast + patience

High runners lung twist - w2
Active pigeon
Parivrtta Eka pada raja quad prep
Eka pada raja quad
Ardha hanumanasana
parivrtta ardha hanuman block
Virabhadrasana 3 prep - standing pigeon
Lunge- virabhadrasana 3 prep- lunge
Virabhadrasana 3 wall hands -L 3x
Virabhadrasana 3 wall foot
Handstand L
Handstand kick
Virabhadrasana 1
Virabhadrasana 1
1/2 vira 1/2 pachimo- Krouchasana

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