Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Nag

Tuesday. Anusara-inspired Yoga
Stay With Me A While

I lived with her night and day--
the Nag.

I don't mean my wife or mother-in-law,
they are both angels.

I am talking about that voice in me that would not
let me hold each moment
as I did my son when
he was born.

How to slay the Nag?

I am afraid I have become fond of you,
dear student,

if I spoke the answer,
you might


Theme: what is your nag? My Nag is the voice of distraction – anything that pulls me away from the enjoyment of the moment.  It’s my own voice, with its priorities screwed up. plugging into the moment, looking for the good.

Sucasana arm bone plugging
Sucasana inner/ outer spiral
Sucasana twist is/os
Supta arm bone plugging
Supta root femur bone strap
Supta pigeon/fish
Supta pada a- b strap
Tad- lunge 2x
Lunge- anjaneyasana - ardha hanumanasana 2 blocks
Parsvotonasana 2 blocks- standing splits
Funky parsvotonasana - standing splits- 1/2 moon - standing pigeon
Mod. Parsvak
Wide leg frwd fold- trik block
Trikonasana- parsva trik block wall
Handstand wall 3x upright, L, kick
Supta pigeon - femur rooting
Supta pada a- b- c strap
Supta twisting core

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