Monday, April 6, 2015

Intentional action

Upa focus: inner spiral and shin loop to lengthen hamstrings
Apex: Vishvamitrasana (warm up hips, hamstrings, shoulders, side bodies)
Theme:  taking time to set up the conditions so you can open/blossom/grow what you want to wantp
Example: gardening if I just fertilize and water my garden what will grow and blossom will be weeds. So I need to move slowly and intentionally pulling weeds so I can harvest what I want.
Example: my toddler. I really want to have him share and get along with others. But if I just set him with a bunch of kids and toys. There will be lots of pushing and tears. I have to be slow and intentional and help explain and monitor the toy sharing so I get the outcome I want which is a ️toddler who is okay with playing and sharing with others.
How this applies to asana and krouchasana? If we move into this pose quickly we will often round the low back maybe hyper extend the knees both of these actions keep the hamstring short and tight. Let's move through these poses with the sit bones back and broad (inner spiral) while keeping the knee slightly bend (shin loop) pointing toward the second toe knuckle (inner spiral) this combo lengthens the hamstring. When we move through these poses with intentional actions we can participate in a way to get the results we want. In this case open hamstrings. The hamstrings are the muscles on the back of the thighs. The back of the body represents the Universal. Keeping this my mind lengthening the hamstrings can be more about the physical body but opening up emotionally to something that is bigger then ourself and that constantly supports us.

Warm up:
Half moon side stretch - 1/2 sum salutations 3x

Hrl- standing hip stretch- uttanasana manual s.i.t.o with inner spiral and shin loop
Falling warrior w2/ams
W2- mod. Parsvak- rev warrior
W2- clasp hand bow- Parsvak - rev. Warrior
Side plank - Pigeon - widen knee pigeon
Baddha konasana block
Wide leg forward fold clasp- twist
Scandasana is/shinLoop
Trikonasana - Half moon- standing splits

Dolphin - pincha prep
Half hanuman normal - front foot closer to midline- front foot more broad then midline- koundinyasana prep
Supta pada a- cross hands- reclined vishvamitrasana
Double pigeon
Baby cradle- compass
Mod. Vashvamitrasana

Vashvamitrasana or modify with knee down

Cool down:
Supta pada c
Happy baby


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