Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The gem within

Yoga is the process of unpeeling the layers we have build around our Self so we can experience the essence of our true nature. . In this human life we can fall for the chase of something outside ourself. Who has done that 🙋‍♀️ .

However if we look deeper we can see what is under the chase. What our soul is actually SEEKING.

For example if we are wanting a relationship we could be seeking CONNECTION. If we are chasing some high we could be seeking COMFORT. If we are chasing some kind of validation we could be seeking WORTHINESS or PEACEFULNESS. . The beauty and magic of yoga is we REMEMBER that everything what we are seeking is always within us.

I believe It’s like I have a gem with all these qualities shining from my core. However through the process embodiment, beliefs, tension, fear, sadness, addiction, the stories I tell myself... I bury this gem. I forget. I chase after things for temporary relief and it adds a yet another layer.

Similar to the way water slowly erodes rock away. Yoga is the slow steady process of unpeeling the layers I have build around myself so I can bath in the light shinning out of this inner gem. . I look back and I can see the stages it took for me to get to this knowing. First I chased things outside of myself hoping they would get me the feeling I deeply craved, mindlessly.

Then I became aware of this process but couldn’t break it. . Then I thought I needed to gain these feeling. Bring these feelings into my body and hold it there. But it was like trying to float a boat on ocean with massive waves of anxiety and self doubt... the waves always destroyed the boat, and the emotions would dissipate.

Now my practice is one of allowing, softening, unpeeling and moving deeper. All those qualities I want are always inside of me. I do not need to create anything. Instead I need to trust it’s there and let the layers that cover it start to melt away. . I don’t need to float on top of waves I want to drop an anchor travel below the waves and get get grounded and reunited with this inner gem. . As you do this work to rediscover and uncover your gem also work to see the gem residing in every creature.

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