Thursday, November 1, 2018

Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is Rare.

Did you know we have 72,000 channels (Nadis) in our body that life force energy (prana/ chi) flows through🌊?!?!
This is like saying we are an instrument with 72,000 strings 🎻.
How the life force moves through us gives us our presence and the vibrations give rise to our thoughts and feelings. These vibrations also influences our ability to maintain contentment or how easily our clarity is disturbed.
When we can MAINTAIN clarity we can recognize IN THE MOMENT that there are nutrients in the pain we experience and we have the clear mindedness to remember that if we grip on to pleasure it is a liability to our clarity.
We can use the body to adjust how the life force moves through us and we can learn how to keep ourself in deeper clarity and harmony.
However it is very hard to keep this consistent clarity, we will never hold onto it perfectly. However we can develop the AWARENESS to know when we are moving towards harmoney or away from it. This practice is one of ENDURANCE.
Join us tomorrow 9am @InBody for Anusara Yoga as we slow and steady practice our ability to have long lasting endurance vs. quickly fading enthusiasm.

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