Saturday, November 3, 2018

Get on the toddler ride

Have you ever been on BIG the emotional roller coaster ride? Where you are going back and forth between being so happy and “high” to being so sad and “low”. Where the position of where you are on the ride is dependent on what is happening externally to you.
It is said we have three aspects of our psyche:
1st. The negative mind
2nd. The positive mind
3rd. The neutral mind
If we live mainly in the headspace of positive and negative we stay on the roller coaster ride.
If we can ground into the neutral mind we can be both OBJECTIVE and COMPASSIONATE. The neutral mind is like a scale.  It can SLOW DOWN, weigh and balance the information from the positive mind and the negative mind to give a more neutral and compassionate determination of our best path.
In Anusara terms. The neutral mind is great at finding our optimal blue print, our most harmonious alignment within any situation.
The neutral mind takes you off the advanced roller coaster ride and puts you on the toddler ride, much more calm and steady.
I think one of the greatest tools we have as humans is the ability to, at any time, choose to strengthen our meditative mind. The more we develop it, the more we will be able
To access it instead of being stuck on the roller coaster ride of positive and negative dependent of external stimuli.
Join us tomorrow @centeredcityyoga at 9:05am as we practice coming back to again and again our neutral mind and into greater optimal alignment body, mind and heart!
Physically working on inner and outer spiral of the legs leading up to #utthitapadangusthasana B.

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