Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring an oppurtunity to change our perspective

Spring is just around the corner/ week!!

It is normal as spring approaches for people to do spring cleaning. Tidy up the house, closets, and garages with things accumulated over the winter. Boxing up or getting rid of clutter that they don't need anymore. Well that is what I am doing but not only for my apartment but for myself removing false beliefs, habits, negative self talk that are not needed. One of the ways I am trying to do with is with a daily practice of 5 mins in sirsasana (headstand) followed by balasana (childs pose) and a seated meditation. I do this because spring cleaning is about shifting our perspectives. It is no longer cold winter we are moving into sunshine and flowers! So every day as I do my inversion I am physically changing my perspective and then I continue that in my seated meditation and hopefully I take it with me as I go through my day. Maybe I loss it but it doesn't matter because the next day I will do it again, and maybe I can hold onto that new perspective longer.
Happy almost spring to you!

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